Power Yoga Beginners Series: Part 2 – Finishing Sequence

In Part 2 of the beginner series I’ve skipped ahead to the finishing sequence. You can loop the Warm Up and then this finishing sequence or practice each individually. In the upcoming Part 3 we’ll move to standing asanas.

I’ve looped the following postures into a finishing sequence of modified poses for beginners. These are hatha yoga postures and the sequence is based on Ashtanga Yoga and Power Yoga sequences. Some of the poses can be intimidating when viewing their full expression. Here are modifications for the postures as you work towards full extension of each pose. The sequence of postures is also below the slideshow. Blankets help to support the neck in shoulder stands and plow poses. I’ve been practicing yoga for fourteen years now and am still working towards full expressions on most of these postures. Yoga is always challenging. Whether you’ve been practicing for fourteen years, four years or four weeks. It’s the challenge that keeps me engaged and each practice teaches me more and more, about yoga and myself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hold each of the postures below for up to three breaths. For a more challenging sequence work up to 5 breaths in each pose.

Finishing Sequence for Beginners
Boat Pose
Boat Pose Variations
Baby Cobra
Locust C
Camel Pose
Bridge Pose
Supported Shoulder Stand with Blankets
Plow Pose
Knees to Ears
Fish Pose
Legs Up the Wall

For music to accompany your practice please go to Spotify and download the playlist below.


Spotify Ending Sequence
Spotify Ending Sequence

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