Power Yoga Beginner Series: Part 1 – Integration and Warm Up

Baby Cobra Pose
Baby Cobra

When beginning a yoga session or just waking up in the morning it’s good to start with a warm up or integration. In yoga teacher training we learn to incorporate integration at the beginning of a class to prepare students both mentally and physically for the postures in a yoga class. Power yoga is a full body practice. It incorporates a warm up with meditation followed by standing and core strengthening asanas, flowing postures to increase heart rate, a core strengthening series, balance series, spine strengthening series, pigeon series to stretch and open the hips, and surrender series to wind down toward chavasana.

In this beginner series I will build on each part of a power yoga class and explain the postures and why we do them. Hopefully you will follow along with the series and build toward the full 60 minute class at the end.

This sequence of warm up postures can be done in the morning to stretch and wake up the spine. It can also feel good after a long day at work, or if you have a moment mid-day, it can work to re-energize you. The postures will open the front and back planes of the body and the sides of your torso with some core strengthening.

It’s important to use integration as a transition so you can mentally leave your busy day for the moment and focus on your breath and movement.  As the mind transitions and the body warms up you can ease yourself comfortably into the rest of your practice.

Follow the video and audio notes below and practice this sequence whenever you like to practice or exercise. As you build strength and endurance you can start from twice a week and build up to practicing four or more times a week.


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