Teacher Training Update

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This is my final week of teacher training in yoga sculpt.  It’s been an exciting five weeks of training and this week I will be completing all my homework assignments and teach a class with my fellow teachers in training.  I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve learned in just five weeks.  It’s also helped me be a better yoga teacher in my vinyasa flow and power yoga classes.  It’s good to get a teacher training class in at least once a year, I believe, after you complete your initial 200 HR certification.  I realized as I was teaching I had fallen into the habit of demonstrating postures more in my classes and this takes away from the students’ experience because when I demo more then I observe their bodies less and it’s important that I observe their bodies to make sure their alignment is correct or I can also walk around and offer modifications or assist and adjust.


Another great thing about training is I got a refresher in anatomy and my coming in as a teacher rather than someone who had never taught before offered a new perspective.  Even for my own personal practice I learned some valuable information about transition for alignment.  For example, I learned transitioning from either Warrior I or Crescent lunge to Warrior 2, it’s best to first straighten your front knee, pivot your heel then lunge into Warrior 2 to keep your front knee stabilized.  If I hadn’t taken the training I’d still be cueing Warrior 2 with a bent knee.  So my current and future students benefit but I also benefit because in my own practice I am transitioning by straightening my knee before I pivot around to Warrior 2.

My knees are weaker as I’ve grown older and past running injuries so another valuable lesson I’ve learned from anatomy in teacher training is to strengthen my glutes and use every opportunity in yoga to squeeze my glutes and cue my students to squeeze their glutes, whether they are in a Crescent lunge or a bridge pose.  Stronger glutes help to protect the knee joints in yoga postures.

This was a confusing one for me because I had been hearing in so many of my classes to relax my glutes, but I’ve stopped acting on that cue and engaging the glutes at every opportunity.

For more postures to strengthen glutes visit this link at Yoga Journal, “Baptiste Yoga: 9 Poses for Strong, Toned Glutes”.


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