Restorative Yoga Sequence – #02

Restorative Yoga Sequence

In addition to the power yoga class I recently added to my schedule I also added a restorative yoga class right afterwards.  This restorative class is a 60 minute class in which I cool the room down and offer multiple props for students to support their bodies in the postures.  In restorative yoga, the goal is to do as little as possible, remain in the postures for an extended amount of time and utilize props to completely support the body in a relaxed state.

To accompany the class I use a playlist with a more meditative tone to enable relaxation.  You can access this playlist on Spotify at Tranquility – RY60.

Tranquility Playlist

I also provide my students with some cranial and temple massage to help them get into a relaxed state to carry them throughout the class.  The benefits of restoration yoga can be many, from less stress, lowered blood pressure, increased cortisol levels and promote better sleep.  To read further about the benefits of restorative yoga including weight loss visit Yoga Journal at “Lose Weight with Restorative Yoga”.


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