Power Yoga Beginners Series: Part 2 – Finishing Sequence

In Part 2 of the beginner series I’ve skipped ahead to the finishing sequence. You can loop the Warm Up and then this finishing sequence or practice each individually. In the upcoming Part 3 we’ll move to standing asanas. I’ve looped the following postures into a finishing sequence of modified poses for beginners. These are… Continue reading Power Yoga Beginners Series: Part 2 – Finishing Sequence

Power Yoga Beginner Series: Part 1 – Integration and Warm Up

When beginning a yoga session or just waking up in the morning it’s good to start with a warm up or integration. In yoga teacher training we learn to incorporate integration at the beginning of a class to prepare students both mentally and physically for the postures in a yoga class. Power yoga is a… Continue reading Power Yoga Beginner Series: Part 1 – Integration and Warm Up

Teacher Training Update

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is my final week of teacher training in yoga sculpt.  It’s been an exciting five weeks of training and this week I will be completing all my homework assignments and teach a class with my fellow teachers in training.  I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve learned in just… Continue reading Teacher Training Update

Vinyasa Flow Sequence #03

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” – Jean Massieu This week I had the pleasure of subbing for some extra classes during the Thanksgiving holiday.  It has been amazing to sequence almost daily for the extra upcoming classes.  I went through some of my past sequences and used what I thought worked best and… Continue reading Vinyasa Flow Sequence #03

Power Yoga Sequence and Playlist #01

I recently added a power yoga class to my weekly schedule at Serasana Health and Wellness Center in Austin.  It’s a 60 minute class in a heated practice room to help warm the muscles, relax the body and aid in detoxification.  This is a whole body workout set to music and includes a nice long… Continue reading Power Yoga Sequence and Playlist #01

Restorative Yoga Sequence – #02

In addition to the power yoga class I recently added to my schedule I also added a restorative yoga class right afterwards.  This restorative class is a 60 minute class in which I cool the room down and offer multiple props for students to support their bodies in the postures.  In restorative yoga, the goal… Continue reading Restorative Yoga Sequence – #02